Free MidiverbII Impulse Responses for Space Designer

Freeware Audio-Plug-Ins - A, Oberholz - 6/4/2015

Why Irs of the Midiverb II

Many guitar players like the Midiverb II and some bands did mix albums with it. One famous guitar player, who still uses the Midiverb II, is Tommy Emmanuel. I thought it would be a great idea to have some impulse responses of the Midiverb2 because I see more and more Laptops on stage. I am also afraid that my unit will stop working one day, one more reason for decent IRs. The smaller rooms are great, they can compete with much more expensive units.

Are the Impulses equal to the hardware?

No they are not, because impulse responses are static, they do not capture any modulation. If you use some of logics modulation delay, on the reverb tail, its very similar - up to scary close. You will find a preset for logics modulation delay in the zip file. Insert the modulation delay post space-designer and tweak it to your taste.

Included :

BANK 0, 1 ,2 REVERB - BANK 3 Gated Reverb.
The Gated verbs are great if you have a snare drum that does not rings but you want it too. Use the Fast Gate 75 sec and just smile.

Place the IR samples folder here:

USER-> Library->Audio->Impulse Responses

Place the Space Designer Presets here:

USER—> Library—>Application Support—> Logic—>Plug In Settings—>Space Designer

Have fun using the IRs!! Feel free to hand over the complete ZIP file to friends.

Do not distribute them on your own website; set a link please.
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